Monday, April 4, 2011

Spots On Tongue And Sore Throat Mono

Querer es Poder Health, wealth and good wine ... I want my destiny!

drinking can be extremely expensive. Stay healthy and take care of your money, remember to drink with measure extends the life .... and half.

The Conference .....

A gentleman was detained by police around 1:00 AM and you wonder where you are going at that time of night?

The man replies:
"I go to a conference on alcohol abuse, its effects on the human body, causing the family consequences, the problem that causes the economy house, resulting in the marital relationship, moral values, the deobligation, irresponsibility involved, etc. etc..

The officer asks
"Seriously ?....... and who will give this conference at this time of night? "

The man replies:

" For my wife ".. .....!!

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